Final Night of Vancouver Fashion Week

Final Night of Vancouver Fashion Week: Returning to Traditional Roots vs. Experimental Textile Innovation

The final night of Vancouver Fashion Week featured eight designer runway shows on Sunday, March 22nd, 2015. The last evening of the VFW designer collections showcased native textiles and practices from regions all of the world celebrating the rich history and culture of fashion. The night brought forward another extreme in contrast to the traditional collections which boasted exciting new textile innovations that contest the future of the industry.

Vancouver BC March 22, 2015 - The last night of Vancouver Fashion Week featured eight emerging designers: Fesvedy, Crystal Commerc, Hans Ghallo Poml, Ophelia Song, Jackson Rowe, Jy Kim, Alcoolique and Zuzana Hrubos.

Fesvedy began the show with their new brand founded just last year in 2014. “Fesvedy” named their line after the name of aristocratic apparels in medieval period of Georgia. The medieval influence translated through to their collection, only with bold Native Artwork embroidered into the pieces. The models hair was a focal point in the show with a fresh new take on the fascinator-- using material that resembled hair rather than fabric on varying sized discs.

Crystal Commerc' brand video was set in Guizhou, China in a town with local textile artists producing traditional garments. The story of the collection was based from ethnic tales of the Butterfly and the Chinese Dragon. The show commenced with two very young brand ambassadors fully suited in striking, bold elaborate customary Chinese dress. The pieces of the collection took simple western garments and adorned them with hand sewn embroidery native to Guizhou.

Chile's HANSPOHL presented for the first time at VFW this year with a sharp menswear collection. The collection was modern in appearance and the innovative use of geometric shape was applauded by spectators. "Ocean" by Ophelia Song was both elegant and racy with vintage-inspired female-flattering cuts to her use of sheer fabrics. Jackson Rowe's free-spirited collection used bold Native American prints and flowing fabrics. The brand video featured young women on a road trip in the sun. The line exhibited liberation and uninhibited styling and was very well-received by spectators. The Jackson Rowe collection was available for sale in the Designers Lounge alongside pieces from Crystal Commerc and Encima.

JY Kim's show changed the pace following Jackson Rowe, offering pieces all in black with an emphasis on highly controlled construction and balance. Finalist for Project Runway Italia, ALCOOLIQUE, presented his Made in Italy collection. The garments using only Italian textiles used trims and detailing such as elongated fringe that emphasized the movement in the models.

Slovakian Zuzana Hrubos lit up the catwalk--literally with the closing show of the night. The experimental revolutionary pieces using optical fibres and electromagnetic shielding textiles created a lot of buzz from the spectators. Hrubos is not only a textile designer but a textile engineer. "Pulse" was shown with electro music emulating the human heartbeat pulse while models walked with glowing trims on the apparel and accessories. The innovative show left the spectators with a glimpse of the possibilities in textiles and fashion for future generations.

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