Vancouver Fashion Week (Day 5)

Fifth Night of Vancouver Fashion Week Features Eclectic Styling: A Perfect Representation of Westcoast Lifestyle and Culture

The fifth night of Vancouver Fashion Week featured 12 designer runway shows on Friday, March 20th, 2015. The eclectic night featured both local and international talent on the runway with collections ranging from the most intricately detailed gowns of Noe Bernacelli to the essential street wear of Bench. The night included a wide-range of styles and cultural influences, which was a perfect representation of Vancouver style and culture.

Vancouver BC March 20, 2015 - The fifth night of Vancouver Fashion Week featured 15 emerging designers: Vitamin A Swim, Pillar by Allison Wonderland, Allison Wonderland, Sofia, WeSC & Deux Ex Machina, Covet, Brunette Showroom, Aniimism, Bench, Garcia, Scotch & Soda, Silvia Heach, Haveney, Night X Day, Noe Bernacelli.

California-based Vitamin A Swim started off the fifth night of VFW with a luxurious brand video displaying their well-crafted suits sported on models enjoying the sun on a sailboat. The runway set revealed bold coloured bikinis and innovative beach cover-ups that ranged both in style and materials from mesh tops to sheer drawstring trousers. Allison Wonderland followed with each of her collections which featured her archetypical 1970's inspired styling with leopard prints and a pioneering new headband designed for the top bun. Sophia presented her smart everyday collection of the essentials in a neutral palette.

Eco-brand Covet and locals, the Brunette Showroom used bright patterns and textures in their collections which were nothing short of right on trend with exceptional styling. The pieces in  Aniimiism's collection made use of African-styled prints, feathers and fur and gave a contrast to the more subdued palette's of the street wear collections.

International talent included Australia's Deus Ex Machina and Sweden's WESC that displayed women's and men's everyday and outerwear. The street wear collection by Bench began with a video of the models in an industrial setting keeping true to the lifestyle of the brand and the show was well-received by the spectators. Scotch & Soda, Garcia, Silvian Heach and Korea's Night X Day presented authentic basic collections with definitively unique tailoring and influences from the late 80's and early 90's in their styling. Ripped grunge denim, cropped blazers, high waisted fit skirts and trousers and screen printed tops were emphasized on the catwalk.

In addition to their spot on the runway, the Brunette Showroom were selling their own brand Brunette is the New Black printed apparel in the bustling Designer's Lounge. Tops with clever prints, such as "Fries before Guys" were available for purchase from the attendees. Alongside their pop up was Belgium Designer Laurence Pirnay with her elegant Prêt-à-Porter collection.

France's Haveney showed a strong brand video and collection done in a mostly black and white fabric with drape and styling that called attention to the natural female form.

Peruvian Designer Noe Bernacelli's collection of gown's completed the fifth night of VFW. Bernacelli's passion for artwork and meticulous styling were displayed in the last show of the night. The models exhibited a graceful, refined quality that stayed authentic to the collection. As Symone the host of VFW put it--"[Bernacelli's] show will give you life."

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