Final Night of Vancouver Fashion Week

Final Night of Vancouver Fashion Week: Returning to Traditional Roots vs. Experimental Textile Innovation

The final night of Vancouver Fashion Week featured eight designer runway shows on Sunday, March 22nd, 2015. The last evening of the VFW designer collections showcased native textiles and practices from regions all of the world celebrating the rich history and culture of fashion. The night brought forward another extreme in contrast to the traditional collections which boasted exciting new textile innovations that contest the future of the industry.

Vancouver BC March 22, 2015 - The last night of Vancouver Fashion Week featured eight emerging designers: Fesvedy, Crystal Commerc, Hans Ghallo Poml, Ophelia Song, Jackson Rowe, Jy Kim, Alcoolique and Zuzana Hrubos.

Fesvedy began the show with their new brand founded just last year in 2014. “Fesvedy” named their line after the name of aristocratic apparels in medieval period of Georgia. The medieval influence translated through to their collection, only with bold Native Artwork embroidered into the pieces. The models hair was a focal point in the show with a fresh new take on the fascinator-- using material that resembled hair rather than fabric on varying sized discs.

Crystal Commerc' brand video was set in Guizhou, China in a town with local textile artists producing traditional garments. The story of the collection was based from ethnic tales of the Butterfly and the Chinese Dragon. The show commenced with two very young brand ambassadors fully suited in striking, bold elaborate customary Chinese dress. The pieces of the collection took simple western garments and adorned them with hand sewn embroidery native to Guizhou.

Chile's HANSPOHL presented for the first time at VFW this year with a sharp menswear collection. The collection was modern in appearance and the innovative use of geometric shape was applauded by spectators. "Ocean" by Ophelia Song was both elegant and racy with vintage-inspired female-flattering cuts to her use of sheer fabrics. Jackson Rowe's free-spirited collection used bold Native American prints and flowing fabrics. The brand video featured young women on a road trip in the sun. The line exhibited liberation and uninhibited styling and was very well-received by spectators. The Jackson Rowe collection was available for sale in the Designers Lounge alongside pieces from Crystal Commerc and Encima.

JY Kim's show changed the pace following Jackson Rowe, offering pieces all in black with an emphasis on highly controlled construction and balance. Finalist for Project Runway Italia, ALCOOLIQUE, presented his Made in Italy collection. The garments using only Italian textiles used trims and detailing such as elongated fringe that emphasized the movement in the models.

Slovakian Zuzana Hrubos lit up the catwalk--literally with the closing show of the night. The experimental revolutionary pieces using optical fibres and electromagnetic shielding textiles created a lot of buzz from the spectators. Hrubos is not only a textile designer but a textile engineer. "Pulse" was shown with electro music emulating the human heartbeat pulse while models walked with glowing trims on the apparel and accessories. The innovative show left the spectators with a glimpse of the possibilities in textiles and fashion for future generations.

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Vancouver Fashion Week (Day 5)

Fifth Night of Vancouver Fashion Week Features Eclectic Styling: A Perfect Representation of Westcoast Lifestyle and Culture

The fifth night of Vancouver Fashion Week featured 12 designer runway shows on Friday, March 20th, 2015. The eclectic night featured both local and international talent on the runway with collections ranging from the most intricately detailed gowns of Noe Bernacelli to the essential street wear of Bench. The night included a wide-range of styles and cultural influences, which was a perfect representation of Vancouver style and culture.

Vancouver BC March 20, 2015 - The fifth night of Vancouver Fashion Week featured 15 emerging designers: Vitamin A Swim, Pillar by Allison Wonderland, Allison Wonderland, Sofia, WeSC & Deux Ex Machina, Covet, Brunette Showroom, Aniimism, Bench, Garcia, Scotch & Soda, Silvia Heach, Haveney, Night X Day, Noe Bernacelli.

California-based Vitamin A Swim started off the fifth night of VFW with a luxurious brand video displaying their well-crafted suits sported on models enjoying the sun on a sailboat. The runway set revealed bold coloured bikinis and innovative beach cover-ups that ranged both in style and materials from mesh tops to sheer drawstring trousers. Allison Wonderland followed with each of her collections which featured her archetypical 1970's inspired styling with leopard prints and a pioneering new headband designed for the top bun. Sophia presented her smart everyday collection of the essentials in a neutral palette.

Eco-brand Covet and locals, the Brunette Showroom used bright patterns and textures in their collections which were nothing short of right on trend with exceptional styling. The pieces in  Aniimiism's collection made use of African-styled prints, feathers and fur and gave a contrast to the more subdued palette's of the street wear collections.

International talent included Australia's Deus Ex Machina and Sweden's WESC that displayed women's and men's everyday and outerwear. The street wear collection by Bench began with a video of the models in an industrial setting keeping true to the lifestyle of the brand and the show was well-received by the spectators. Scotch & Soda, Garcia, Silvian Heach and Korea's Night X Day presented authentic basic collections with definitively unique tailoring and influences from the late 80's and early 90's in their styling. Ripped grunge denim, cropped blazers, high waisted fit skirts and trousers and screen printed tops were emphasized on the catwalk.

In addition to their spot on the runway, the Brunette Showroom were selling their own brand Brunette is the New Black printed apparel in the bustling Designer's Lounge. Tops with clever prints, such as "Fries before Guys" were available for purchase from the attendees. Alongside their pop up was Belgium Designer Laurence Pirnay with her elegant Prêt-à-Porter collection.

France's Haveney showed a strong brand video and collection done in a mostly black and white fabric with drape and styling that called attention to the natural female form.

Peruvian Designer Noe Bernacelli's collection of gown's completed the fifth night of VFW. Bernacelli's passion for artwork and meticulous styling were displayed in the last show of the night. The models exhibited a graceful, refined quality that stayed authentic to the collection. As Symone the host of VFW put it--"[Bernacelli's] show will give you life."

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Vancouver Fashion Week (Day 4)

International Designers shine at Vancouver Fashion Week

Thursday 19 March at Vancouver Fashion Week featured international and local designers: Artees Wear, Rosey Couture, Pouneh Askarian, Blushing Designs, Paola Gamero, Sunny’s Bridal Gallery, Narumi, Paloma Sanchez, Nadia + Zehra and Atsushi Nakashima. Multiculturism and urban streetwear were the runway themes, while more menswear was introduced.

Italian designer, Artees Wear, opened up the show with artistic men’s and woman’s streetwear. Sunny’s Bridal Gallery featured ethnic East-Indian men’s and women’s bridal wear that left the crowd speechless. Narumi, a Peruvian designer, brought basic east meets west woman’s pieces to the runway. Atsushi Nakashima from Japan ended off the night with futuristic men’s and women’s streetwear.

Many featured exquisite and feminine designs, which in some instances drew loud cheers from the audience. Rosey Couture displayed velvet, sequin and rose shaped dresses, while Pouneh Askarian’s models rocked unique headpieces with the flattering collection. Blushing Designs, a local designer, showcased plaids and other fun patterns. Paolo Gamero’s delicate silk, lace and jeweled gowns got plenty of oohs from the crowd.

Jewellery designer, Paloma Sanchez, gave the show a unique spin. Models wore black bodysuits and graced the stage in the dark, pointing a flashlight to show off the adorned jewels. To complement the runway show, images of the jewelry were shown on the large screen.

Nadia + Zehra set fire to the runway with statement woman’s streetwear. The twins’ contemporary line consisted of bright colours, fun patterns, unique accessories and eye-catching phrases, inspired by the “…Addams Family, vampires and addiction.”

The runway shows continue until Sunday evening with anticipated designers Noe Bernacelli, Shravan Kumar, Hong Kiyoung and Eliza Faulkner still to show.

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Vancouver Fashion Week (Day 3)

Third Night of Vancouver Fashion Week: Emerging Designers Present an Exceptional Showcase

 The third night of Vancouver Fashion Week featured 11 emerging designer runway shows on Wednesday, March 18th, 2015. Among the collections the show featured internationally acclaimed talent, two couture designers and several collections that spoke to the 1920's era and echoed themes from the Art Deco Movement. Intricate rhinestone headpieces, strong vertical lines and Flapper-style fringe all made appearances throughout the show.

 Vancouver BC March 18, 2015 - The third night of Vancouver Fashion Week featured emerging designers: Averynthe, Kate's Couture by Kate Miles,  LaSalle College (Adam-Lin Bungang, Yicheng Chen, Su Yang and Shunan Zeng), Quynntessential Couture by Quynn, Dervish Dubai, A to Z, Encima and Sara Armstrong. North Vancouver's Loigs Music Lab provided the sound for the night.

 From fascinators, straight silhouettes to rhinestone bejewelled beadwork-- several of the designs echoed a modern twist on the 1920's flapper and the Great Gatsby. The night began with a full house and a high energy during Averynthe's collection which featured gowns with a kimono-style drape and jewelry reminiscent of the Art Deco Movement. The four collections presented by LaSalle College cohesively gave a sobering tone to their runway show inspired by the same era by using classical music and a neutral palette.

 The show featured two couture designers, Kate's Couture by Kate Miles and Quynntessential Couture by Quynn. The two intricate collections were a stark juxtaposition in the show featuring exquisite one-of-a-kind gowns. Kate Miles collection presented a bold palette and used ruching and translucent fabrics along with highly meticulous beadwork to create a stunning collection. Quynntessential Couture gave a consistent, sweet 1940's pin-up with elegant accessories that resonated a very feminine feel.

 In the Designers Lounge, Kat Made Jewellery, Groma Eco Apparel and Bad Habit were full of activity. The designers engaged and presented their collections which were available for sale throughout the night. Internationally acclaimed Peruvian designer, Noe Bernacelli, presented his pieces as well during the second break for purchase off the rack. Kat Made Jewellery is inspired by travels and created by hand from beads collected around the world and even a few antique pieces that have been repurposed into new pieces.

 Ready-to-wear was the keyword in the last half the third night of VFW. Dervish Dubai's sporty apparel collection exhibited a sense of soul by using inspirational phrases and words adorned to the garments-- a quality very original in the category of active apparel. Washington-based A to Z's very bohemian collection gave a fresh spin using mesh and translucent layering. Encima's unique Made In Canada collection was very well received. The show closed with Sara Armstrong, which began her set with her brand video. The video featured her models as Ninja's but sporting her collection rather than the traditional uniform. Her runway show was perfectly fluid and showcased her unparalleled use of geometric forms and her keen eye for balance in design.

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Vancouver Fashion Week kicks off its 25th season

Vancouver Fashion Week celebrates its 25th season at the Queen Elizabeth Plaza

Monday 16 March, Queen Elizabeth Plaza, Vancouver and Fashion Week celebrated its 25th season, a week of international designers and style with an Opening Gala.

The Opening Gala catered to a full house of media, buyers, designers and fashion lovers. VFWs 66 international and local designers participated showing a single look on the runway finished with each designer walking with their model which in some instances drew jubilant cheers from the crowd, particularly from 15-year-old Oregon designer Kate Miles, Vancouver local Alex S. Yu and Chinese designer ILOVECHOC. It was an exclusive chance to get an inside glimpse of what the week will hold.

Tuesday 17 March, the first day of shows featured ten renowned local and international designers: JUKOJulie, Grandi’s Atelier, Megally Guillen, Grama, Teresa Chen, Nasty Habit, Alex S Yu, ILOVECHOC, YKS, and Connally McDougall. Each designer showcased from 16 to 40 designs and was met with great response.

Backstage was a frenzy of hair, makeup, models, and designers.  Old friends reminisced and new connections were made. After the runway show designer's and a couple of their key looks were taken for interviews at the media tent, furnished by Montauk Sofas and Landeau flowers.  

The events will continue everyday until the evening of Sunday 22 March. With 56 more international and local designers yet to hit the runway Vancouver Fashion Week is set to light the Fall Winter 2015 fashion trends alight.

Designers to watch: Grandi’s AtelierAlex S. YuILOVECHOCConnally McDougallGramaKate MilesVancouver Fashion Week launched in 2001 by founder and director Jamal Abdourahman, it is currently in its 25th season, Fall Winter 2015.

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