Vancouver Fashion Week (Day 4)

International Designers shine at Vancouver Fashion Week

Thursday 19 March at Vancouver Fashion Week featured international and local designers: Artees Wear, Rosey Couture, Pouneh Askarian, Blushing Designs, Paola Gamero, Sunny’s Bridal Gallery, Narumi, Paloma Sanchez, Nadia + Zehra and Atsushi Nakashima. Multiculturism and urban streetwear were the runway themes, while more menswear was introduced.

Italian designer, Artees Wear, opened up the show with artistic men’s and woman’s streetwear. Sunny’s Bridal Gallery featured ethnic East-Indian men’s and women’s bridal wear that left the crowd speechless. Narumi, a Peruvian designer, brought basic east meets west woman’s pieces to the runway. Atsushi Nakashima from Japan ended off the night with futuristic men’s and women’s streetwear.

Many featured exquisite and feminine designs, which in some instances drew loud cheers from the audience. Rosey Couture displayed velvet, sequin and rose shaped dresses, while Pouneh Askarian’s models rocked unique headpieces with the flattering collection. Blushing Designs, a local designer, showcased plaids and other fun patterns. Paolo Gamero’s delicate silk, lace and jeweled gowns got plenty of oohs from the crowd.

Jewellery designer, Paloma Sanchez, gave the show a unique spin. Models wore black bodysuits and graced the stage in the dark, pointing a flashlight to show off the adorned jewels. To complement the runway show, images of the jewelry were shown on the large screen.

Nadia + Zehra set fire to the runway with statement woman’s streetwear. The twins’ contemporary line consisted of bright colours, fun patterns, unique accessories and eye-catching phrases, inspired by the “…Addams Family, vampires and addiction.”

The runway shows continue until Sunday evening with anticipated designers Noe Bernacelli, Shravan Kumar, Hong Kiyoung and Eliza Faulkner still to show.

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