Austin Mom's Blog and Kendra Scott Block Party

Mom's night out with Austin Mom's Blog

The Austin Mom’s Blog threw a fantastic party Thursday night for the Kendra Scott Block Party. Serving as an online source for mothers in Austin, they have established a loyal following here. Several of the city’s top vendors lined the walkway featuring skincare, decor, health and wellness treats for the moms. The photo booth provided by Photogenica, a generous raffle give-a-way, the D.J., and refreshing cocktails provided by Deep Eddy Vodka, Tequila512, and White Hat Rum all came together to create a relaxing a fun night for both the Austin Mom’s Blog and their patrons.

One of the many perks to joining the Austin Mom’s Blog is their Membership Program. In talking with Chelsea Vail, event manager and contributor to the Austin Mom’s Blog, about what the Membership Program provides, she says, “we wanted it to be a stronger community of moms in Austin. We wanted to have a way to give back, in a way that supports the moms here in the city, and support local businesses.”

The Austin Mom’s Blog has partnered with 80 local businesses who have offered discounts and perks if you hold their Membership Card. The card is $99 a year, which saves you literally thousands of dollars throughout the year. Most of the people attending the Kendra Scott Block Party event are supporters of the membership, but in receiving discounts at the special events, it provides an additional incentive to come out. “Among receiving free play dates, they get discounts for everything you need at salons, gyms, child care- everything these women need to feel supported, which is what Austin Mom’s Blog is all about,” Says Chelsea Vail.

The Austin Mom’s Blog and Kendra Scott Block Party sold out within 3 minutes. With members receiving a 30 minute head start on ticket sales, they were able to get access to V.I.P. tickets to the event before it sold out. The V.I.P. gifts included a $50 gift card to by George, $50 to Langford Market, a piece of Kendra Scott jewelry, coupons for members that support the blog, snacks, jewelry, candles, and bowls from Posh Interiors. Serving as a special treat for the hard working mothers, whom were excited about receiving the bags!

As part of the Membership services, for just $99 a year you become a member of the Austin Mom's Blog that is connected to the City Mom’s Blog national network. Chelsea explains, “When we launched it, we let the network know what we were doing. They had a lot of questions about how it works, what we are doing, and how do you do it. It took me about 6 months to put the program together and then launch it. The companies involved received free marketing as well. If anyone ever comes to me and asks about getting a nanny I’m going to talk about the nanny agency that supports our program.”

As the Christmas season approaches, we are reminded how fortunate many of us are. To assist families who may need help in gathering toys for their children, local charity Bucks Barn, collected toys during the event. Bucks Barn was started by Buck Schroeter who is now 21. When was 12, Buck was diagnosed with AML a form of Leukemia and was in the hospital during most Christmases. As a patient in the hospital he received many gifts, but he couldn't buy any gifts for his family and friends. Motivated to make a difference, when Buck got out of the hospital he promised to be able to help sick kids be able to provide presents to their family and friends. Currently Buck’s Barn collects toys all year long and on December 6th they will be at dell children’s hospital giving out toys to the kids who are patients in the hospital, so they can shop for their families.

Charity, shopping, and a great atmosphere made for a great night out for the Austin Mom’s Blog readers! Subscribe to their blog and be on the look out for the next event!

  Written By: Kathryn Leffingwell                                                                                                                                                                         For Inquiries: / Bucks Barn -                                                                                    Photography by: Chisum Pierce -