Black Fret Black Ball

Inaugural Black Ball at the Paramount Theater 

Black Fret a new non-profit organization here in Austin, was founded by Matt Ott and Colin Kendrick from the Austin Music Foundation. They held the first annual Black Ball at the Paramount Theater on November 8th. Black Fret is a new organization that focuses on local musicians and supporting them to flourish in the music industry by raising money through its membership program. Since working on the foundation as of 2013, both Matt and Colin have been able to recruit close to 100 members and raise $100,000 for the nominees, which were disbursed to ten bands that were awarded $10,000 each at the Black Ball. The nominees were comprised of 20 bands from the Austin area all competing for a $10,000 grant.

Hosting the event at the Paramount Theater in downtown Austin, 16 of the 20 members performed in honor of the Black Ball. Everyone put on a killer performance; and it brought local artists together and the patrons who enjoy their music which is what makes Black Fret such a special organization for the Austin Community. Each of the musicians playing from the Jitterbug Vipers to Graham Wilkinson definitely has a unique sound of their own, showing the complexity of the Austin music scene.

Black fret’s mission is: ” focused solely on funding the creation and performance of new music by the fine musicians who play the clubs and coffee shops of our amazing city.” 

That is exactly what Black Fret has done. They have created an organization to help musicians in an age that is very hard to make it in the music industry. To become a member it’s roughly around $100 a month or $1500.00 a year. In joining the Black Fret membership program, you are able to help in the voting process of who will be the coming year’s nominees. During that year there are several private parties leading up to the Black Ball. Were the nominees’ holds a private concert in an intimate setting for the members, to see them live before the grants are given away at the end of the year.

Although all of the nominees were fantastic, the Winners of this year’s Black Ball included: Amy Cook, Elizabeth McQueen, Erin Ivey, Gina Chavez, Graham Wilkinson, Lincoln Durham, Mother Falcon, Quiet Company, The Rocketboys, and Wild Child.

To find out more about how you can join Black Fret or any of the nominees for 2014 please visit the links below.

 For Inquiries on Black Fret and the nominees and winners:                                                                       Written by: Kathryn Leffingwell                                                                                                                                                        Photography by: Chisum Pierce -