SixChel by Dina Chavez Holiday Trunk Show

Maya Star's unique gifts, trendy merchandise, and key location on South Congress offer more than just the latest fashions. As the list of Austin's most fashionable go-to boutiques increase, one cannot forget this local favorite and their long history of supporting unique designers adding to their popularity. With this in mind, local women's apparel designer, Dina Chavez, thought it was only fitting to reintroduce her line, SixChel, and showcase some of her newest pieces at one of Austin's most fashionable boutiques. 

As the scene was staged with twinkling lights, a champagne bar, and festive decor the ambience was set for a fun Holiday soiree in celebration of the designer during her Holiday Trunk Show this past week. Coming off of her win in the Project Runway RGV, the RAD Austin Magazine team had a chance to catch up with the local designer about her new collection.

As a custom women's apparel designer within the growing Austin fashion scene, her elegant designs can be described as sensually classic. Ms. Chavez gathers inspiration for her designs from "Art, in all its many forms, classic, film, pop culture, architecture, etc.," she describes. "Where the pieces themselves are in celebration of aesthetics." 

Chavez states the SixChel brand represents "the many faces of the modern urbane woman, sophisticated, smart, confidently sexy and stylish as a matter of fact. The wearers of SixChel are not afraid to express their voice, ideas, mood or style...they epitomize one who is strong to stand alone or strong enough to head her family...they are lovers of life and live it...they are proud to show their sexy bodies in all its forms...they evoke confidence, and can silence a room upon entering." Simply put, SixChel's clothing celebrates the Sexy-Chic-Cool-Chick.  

"In combining my unique background & skill set," explains Chavez, "Is why I think my clothing is more flamboyant. I think the clothes are something that a woman wears to show off their personality."  

Blending her two disciplines in fashion and costume design, Chavez's unique aspect to working with clothing sets her apart from many other designers. In Chavez's latest collection, her talent is on full display in the hand detailed work put into each and every piece. Her passion for costume design can be seen throughout her collection as she showcases a soft hand in lace & pleather-work, sequins, and the tasteful placement of animal print.

Chavez not only demonstrates a flair for showmanship with the before mentioned mix of sequins and animal prints, but also manages to stay instep with a few key trends of the year. Her classic take on crop tops and ability to rework sequined fabrics into an entirely new cocktail dress requires a talented and carefully trained hand. 

Her personal touches can be seen from concept all the way down to how her pieces get onto a retailer's floor. Chavez's conscious and very personal decision to create small, limited amount of pieces along with her choice to use manufacturers based in the USA can up the price tag for an independent designer such as herself. In support of her decision Chavez says, "My line showcases Austin's talent. Each piece is created by sewers right here." 

Her local, handmade garments showcase pieces ranging from $150 to around $300, and are a direct result of her pursuit to ensure ethical choices - and with good reason. The use of pleather and local talent work together in support of the community as well as a certain lifestyle - a more conscientious and ethical lifestyle.  


Learn more about local designer Dina Chevez and her collection.

Photography by: Peter Tung

Location: Maya Star

1508 South Congress
Austin TX 78704
(512) 912-1475