UT Fusion Fashion Show 2015

2015 University of Texas

Senior Portfolio Show

An interview with Karen Bravo


1.     What sets the program at UT apart from other design schools such as UNT and Incarnate Word in San Antonio? Our students have to take chemistry, statistics and other courses in the science field since our degree is a BS and not an BA like the other schools

2.     What new classes have been added to remain a strong design program? Specialty courses like the fashion show production class is one example and you can see that our students put on a great show!

3.     What campus groups can a design like UFG can student join to further their experience? Any student can join UFg regardless of major and it opens them up to new opportunities like helping at charity events and other fun community outreach acvtivites that include fashion.

4.     What types of activities, lectures, and assignments do these groups offer? Fashion shows, product deveoplment, etc.

5.     What can we expect from this group of seniors? Advanced sewing skills, tailoring, and a blending of unique ideas with marketable strategies!

6.     What advice can you give someone who is just starting their freshman year in the Design program so they can be successful? Be open to learning new ways at looking at things.

7.     How does the UT Design Program prepare their students for the job interview process? Every project ends in a critque with a panel of judges so they have to defend their ideasand learn to articulate and remain calm. It is great experience for a job interview!


Photography by: Chisum Pierce -  http://www.getchisumed.com