Black and Tan II Fashion Show

Megan Summerville Presents: Black and Tan II Fashion Show

Black and Tan was created by Megan Summerville for the love of local design community and the desire to watch fellow designers grow. This year's premise was to give participants a substantial amount of textiles to create something huge!

All participating designers were given 110 yards of the same textiles to create a garment, and each was assigned at random in a sealed envelope, a fabric manipulation technique. Designers must use the assigned design technique no matter how small in a visible place on the final design to be walked. The designer call and show date allowed for only 8 weeks for creation. 

The looks were judged by a panel of local fashion ambassadors: Cheryl Bemis Founder of Fashionably Austin, Joanna Wilkinson of Keep Austin Stylish and, and William Jackson of InFluential Magazine. 

 Photography by: Nicholas Kwasny -                                                                                               Inquiries: Megan Summerville -