Buddy Pajak

"As an artist I feel endlessly inspired to create strange, obscure, and even gloomy characters filled with heavy shadow along with racking areas of light. Artist's works such as Bernie Wrightson's Frankenstein, the illustrations of Stephen Gammell in Scary Stories, or the infamous Fear and Loathing drawing by Ralph Steadman will always remain pivotal inspirations for my work.  

My recent process draws upon these moments of detailed imagery in order to create. I often begin with source images found within science books or National Geographic in order to evoke motivation.  

From there I sort through these images, ultimately weaving objects together that are simultaneously engaging and bizarre.  I have found that graphite pencils or ink pens are perfect for creating crisp detailed lines and smooth tonal gradients, however, my recent work includes oil paint and mixed media.  Through the exploration of each process, I am able to apply learned techniques from one medium to another."

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