2016 POP Austin International Art Show

About POP Austin International Art Show

The POP Austin International Art Show hosts its third annual show in Austin TX at Fair Market, October 13–16, 2016. Since its conception, POP Austin has showcased some of the world’s most talented artists, creating an experience that transcends art to become that of a conversation-starting social movement. The unique model combines style, spectacle, cultural education, and taste to present today’s most compelling art in an accessible and engaging format. This year, four days of meticulously curated programming will entertain art enthusiasts and inspire attendees.

About POP Austin

POP Austin is more than an art event.  It is a movement.  Over the years, POP Austin has carefully and thoughtfully designed architectures of experience.  By developing fully curated events in immersive and engaging environments, POP Austin has given birth to meaningful programming found nowhere else on earth.  Artists and art enthusiasts travel from around the world to enjoy a fusion of lifestyle and creative expression, which transcend all creative mediums and genres.

This year, POP Austin is excited to launch its new online art commerce platform, which will allow collectors to choose from an expertly curated selection of art.  POP Austin also offers art advisory services in addition to art investment and asset management consulting.

Photography: Jennifer Adams

POP Austin 2015: Illumination

Showing Austin the Light

Written by: Sweta Vakani

POP Austin International Art Show returned to impress the F1 crowds and Austin locals alike with their newest exhibit “Illumination”. POP Austin once again transformed the Fair Market venue on East 5th St. into a world-class art exhibition. Featured artists from around the globe harnessed the power of light and electrified the Austin art scene for the weekend.

Entering the gallery, it took only a moment to adjust to the darkness of the space before vibrant splashes of neon light came into focus. “Illumination” concentrated on artists using light as their main medium. Though the artwork photographs beautifully, this work is absolutely meant to be experienced firsthand. 

The exhibition featured local artists like Todd Sanders known for his Roadhouse Relics gallery on S. 1st St. and his neon Luchador masks. International artists were also represented with the works of Hans Kotter’s and his hypnotizing “Tunnel View,” which used mirrored glass and wings of light to transport the viewer into a rabbit hole. The Swiss artist Lori Hersberger’s obsidian dream scape “Constellation” consumed viewers with warm pink light light on the wall reflecting off the glassy black cracked stone on the ground. 

NONOTAK, a collaborative art duo comprised of Takami Nakamoto and Noemi Schipfer, featured an audio visual installation called “Daydream V.2” which enveloped the viewer in an array of light and sound. The multimedia composition ebbs and flows in speed and shape, manipulating the viewers senses of reality. 

After showcase hours, the venue stayed open to play host to Apex Nights. The exhibition closed down around the main bar and a dance floor opened up Friday through Sunday evening. DJs like Austin’s own Orthy played into the night with the light from the surrounding artwork pouring over the tops of the dance floor walls.

Partnering with the Circuit of the Americas, POP Austin featured a satellite show at the racetrack called POP! at the Races. The exhibit was a beautiful refuge from the rain. POP! at the Races featured works by Jean-Paul Basquiat, Andy Warhol, Bale Creek Allen among several other artists. As disconcerting it was to be in a metal tent during a torrential downpour, it was a pleasure to talk to artists Matthew LaPenta and Ugo Nonis about their work in the exhibit. LaPenta brings common digital social media symbols into the physical world in the form of his art as exemplified by his emoji sculptures and his piece "Keep it 100" which was displayed at Illumination. Nonis' playful work used abstract shapes and colors to elicit hazy memories and times that have passed. 

The POP Austin International Art Show team cares deeply for their cause of making Austin a hub for the arts. The POP Austin events are not to be missed and, in time, will become a staple within Austin’s creative scene. POP Austin is illuminating the path for Austin to become the cultural capital it’s surely meant to be. 


For more information about POP Austin International Art Show and the featured artists of 2015, please visit their page POP Austin

Photography by: Chisum Pierce


Art Alliance Austin is your entry point to the Austin art scene.

They connect you to the arts in Austin through their weekly listing of exhibition openings, through many events across the year, and through intimate introductions to local gallerists, artists, and collectors.

ARTBASH is Art Alliance Austin's fall fundraiser. Each ticket sale, art sale, and donation helps the organization reach their goal of establishing Austin as the leading art marketplace in Texas. Their work throughout the year consists of connecting the community to the arts here in Austin, partnering with all fine art organizations and artists, big and small, established and emerging. 

This year's event featured a mixture of projects and performances curated by Andrea Faye Hyland and Seth Orion Schwaiger located at Austin's premier downtown event venue, The Belmont. To curate the event Art Alliance worked closely with Hyland and Schwaiger to develop a night of fun & fantasy by creating interaction between the artists, the installations and the guests. The duo described the concept to be "loosely based around dreams as a point-of-departure for artists and curators. The theme allows artists the freedom to explore a variety of themes, some darker, others erotic, and still others surreal." 

At Jason Archer's Butterscotch Bunny Photo Booth, guests had the opportunity to emerge themselves in character. Dressed as Jesus Cornbread & the Alcoholics and Stray of the Dead characters, the photo booth captured the magical night ahead.    

The event began with the ARTBASH Dinner reception where guests enjoyed an exclusive preview of the exhibition / event and a more intimate opportunity to meet select artists, partners, and curators. Austin-based songwriter and musician Dana Falconberry offered a private performance. 

Upon walking into the vibrantly lit venue, attendees were greeted by a performer dressed in an intricate representation of a 'live' rag doll. As part of Members of Crash Alchemy's performance throughout the night this artistic troupe galavanted around the venue throughout the event entertaining all. In "blending creativity and technology to define new perspectives," Crash Alchemy "inspires audiences through performance storytelling to create live transformational events."

One of the first installations titled, The Quality or Condition, displayed a large ceramic portrait that lined the ivy wall in the entryway. Created by Backstop Art Collective, their mixed media installation consisted of masks that simulated the childhood game of 'telephone.' The portrait offered "individual audio providing viewers and listeners the capability to create their own personalized experience." The Austin based collective blends music, visual art, and storytelling into a cohesive and immersive multi-sensory experiences. This fascinating installation prompted childhood memories as I listened to the audio playing in my ear through the 'headphone' type device. I was reminded of the scene in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory when you went to hang your coat and the hooks were live hands.  

Another piece titled, Smoke and Mirrors, by Elizabeth McDonald, featured mixed media pieces including oil on canvas, acrylic and mylar. Her work is primarily concerned with "the role of ritual as a human invention to intercede and manipulate power differentials that would otherwise remain outside one's control."

The following installation was conveniently located near the bar by the stairs where we sampled one of The Belmont's featured cocktail creations for the event. With a festive drink in hand, I was ready to check out the synthetic hair pieces created by artist, Christina Coleman. Her Untitled piece reworked synthetic braided hair, human hair, steel, and accessories such as barrettes, to "build weapons and totemic objects of ritual power to explore issues of disenfranchisement, survival, empowerment, and religion." 

The highlight of the event featured a multimedia installation by Co-Lab Projects featured artists, Natalie Bradford, Tsz Kam, and Kate Wilson. This installation titled, Naming Your Baby in the Garden of Digital Delights, was set up on the main stage where the artists used their creative backdrop to "explore the genesis of fantasy with particular focus on the profound implications of our increasingly digital reality and the changing notion of girlhood in our present and future time." Blending the lines between fantasy & fun, the artist's installation set the tone for the many creative performances of the night. 

Bradford utilizes printmaking and painting to examine parallels between feminine, human bodies and non-human, animal bodies in relation to modes of production and consumption. Through multimedia work, Kam explores the relationship between their queer gender identity and an exotified feminine body existing in the West. Wilson makes objects using methodologies that mimic those she learned studying sociocultural anthropology. Her prints, drawings and multimedia sculptures organize data she has collected into visual systems of information in order to question the legibility and rationality of these modes of communication.

As the fantasy continued throughout the venue, viewers were taken from surrealism to a more erotic state with Terri Thomas' work. Front and center featured a embossed panther titled, Ebony (Big Black Powerful Pussy) with over 54, 720 Swarovski crystal covering the creature. The erotic theme hit a climax with one of the most talked about installations, Shane & Sia Room.

Decked out with an old, hand-me-down recliner, sexy calendar, a dirty ashtray, and boobie lamp the additional props such as an open jar of Vaseline and tissue referred to Thomas' investigation into beauty, felinity, sexuality, and mortality. Building upon clever references to art, Thomas draws upon her extensive experience in the fashion industry as point of departure and questions the commodification of desire and industry set standards of beauty.   

The event showcased an assortment of visual art, music, and noteworthy performances by some of Austin's most talented artists. From the works of poet A.R. Rogers, Bob Schneider's mixed media pieces, and Rebecca Marion's exploration of the importance of motherhood in her work, many artists presented exciting works of art in a multitude of mediums.

The Art Alliance would like to thank you for your support, membership, and sponsorship. If you are not yet a member of the Alliance we invite you to become one today. Head to the Art Alliance Austin page to find out more information!

To book your next event head to The Belmont

Photography: Jessica Faye

Modern Rocks Gallery: Billy Duffy Prints & Photos

Billy Duffy, the legendary guitarist from The Cult, made an appearance with a unique collection of rare signed prints, artist proofs from sold out editions and photographs by designer and photographer Mick Peek, all of which are available to purchase on the night. All the prints are exclusive in the US to Modern Rocks Gallery and the last remaining copies available.

As print numbers are limited with these being the last available prints, you can pre-order prints here to avoid disappointment to collect on the night

When: Thursday, October 29, 2015 from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM (CDT)

Where: Modern Rocks Gallery - 916 Springdale Road Austin, TX 78702

Photography: John Winters

East Austin Studio Tour

East Austin Studio Tour ran from November 15-16 & 22-23, 2014 

For more information: http://east.bigmedium.org                                                                                                                          Photography by: http://www.getchisumed.com

Modern Rocks Gallery : Unseen Jimi Hendrix

Unseen Jimi Hendrix 45 years later

Former musician Steven Walker from the English rock band Modern English has made the move to Austin, TX and opened a gallery that will make any music fan swoon. His studio nestled within the Canopy features walls lined with photos of music legends. Including Stevie Ray Vaughan, The Ramones, and The Sex Pistols just to name a few. Last Friday night they unveiled a collection of unseen photos featuring Jimi Hendrix from 1969 by Austin photographer Robert Hewgley.

Hewgley originally took the photos in original light to get true action shots of Hendrix performing live during his last U.S. tour. These photos are very special in the way he chose to shoot them and that they could be the last shots of Hendrix live and unseen before his death in 1970. His collection features rare limited edition photographs and were processed by Robert himself in Austin. All of the prints have been limited to 5 copies and signed by Hewgley himself. After that they will never be processed and printed in the same way again. A definite must see for any music lover or art collector!

You can stop by Modern Rocks Gallery from Tuesday – Saturday 11-6pm to check out all the amazing rock photography this gallery has to offer.

Written by: Kathryn Leffingwell                                                                                                                                                                         For Inquiries: http://www.modernrocksgallery.com                                                                                                                               Photography by: Nicholas Kwasny - http://nicholaskwasnyphotography.com 

POP AUSTIN : Opening Night

POP AUSTIN International Art Show

The RAD Austin Magazine team had the great pleasure of attending the first POP AUSTIN Art show. Gathering the art community under one roof, the weekend consisted of a fantastic mixture of “art” themed lectures and beautifully curated mediums of art. Featuring artists from around the world, we knew it would be a great night when walking into the scene at Fair Market and seeing the first sculptor, Made In China by Sui Jianguo, a Chinese sculptor. Throughout the weekend, the Austin elite was out in full force and kicked it off with the VIP party. Setting the bar high for future Art Show events, the scene was set with music, artisan cocktails, and a raffle.

A few of the notable artists featured were Beb Deum, a painter from France who had many incredible pieces shown at the event including his work called Chinese series “Shunga.”

Beb Deum: http://www.popaustin.com/portfolio/beb-deum

The sculptor out of Los Angeles, Desire Obtain Cherish (DOC), provided pieces throughout the exhibit. Two of which included his Meltdown lollipop piece and the Designer Drugs Four Pack; a showcasing of Hermes, Louis Vuitton, and Yves Saint Laurent.

Desire Obtain Cherish: http://www.desireobtaincherish.com / Art Inquiries: http://www.popaustin.com/portfolio/d-o-c

Arno Elias, a Parisian painter and photographer, uses a mixture of photography and painting for his pieces, similar to his works The Stallion and Tembo 9.

Arno Elias: http://www.arnoelias.com / Art Inquiries: http://www.popaustin.com/portfolio/arno-elias

Another world-renowned photographer, Gerard Rancinan, was on display. From Fidel Castro to Pope John Paul II, he has covered world events and photographed some of the most influential people of our time. Capturing the Le Festin des Barbares, he featured, to what I believe, was definitely a showstopper and possibly the highlight of the show.

Gerard Rancinan: http://www.rancinan.com / Art Inquiries: http://www.popaustin.com/portfolio/gerard-rancinan

Surprisingly the art was not the only thing drawing in enthusiasts. In addition to the exhibit, Saturday and Sunday held a series of lectures called POPTALKS from some of the artists themselves as well as influential business owners throughout the Austin community. A few included HomeAway CEO Brian Sharples and Tito Beveridge of Tito’s vodka.

It was a great weekend for not only POP Austin, but for the entire Austin Art Community. In displaying such an innovative team, we can’t wait to see what they will bring next. Some of the pieces can still be purchased, for more information please contact POP AUSTIN.

For Inquires: http://www.popaustin.com

Written by: Kathryn Leffingwell                                                                                                                                                                               Photography by: Chisum Pierce - http://www.getchisumed.com