The Artful Bachelorette

"The Artful Bachelorette is a tasteful, fun and creative option for your bachelorette, birthday or other celebration. With a handsome male model in front of you and a glass of bubbly in hand, it's never been so easy to find your inner-artist." -The Artful Bachelorette.


When planning the perfect party, there are many key ingredients in creating a memorable experience. The Artful Bachelorette is a unique company that takes these key ingredients and blends them with fun and creativity in an entirely new way.

With its concept coming from Australia, the Artful Bachelorette opened it's first US location in NYC. Due to the overwhelming positive response, they chose Austin as their next adventure. The RAD Austin team had the pleasure in attending their soft opening event held at the newly opened Infinite Monkey Theorem location off of Pickle Road. 

The dimly lit space, graffiti dressed walls, and industrial decor served as a perfect base for us to get a little dirty. With chalk pencils in one hand and a glass of Infinite Monkey Theorem's red wine in the other, the guests gathered around for the festivities.

Seated within our own drawing space supplied with tools - and a great view - we were walked through the basics of drawing a figure. After a brief warm-up and some hilarious commentary from our host and The Artful Bachelorette's founder, Fleur Childs, the main attraction was placed before us. 

As the model unrobed and the jaws dropped, Fleur's reminder to "draw the penis.. don't make him a eunuch" were all I could think of. Soon after, Fleur's calm voice swiftly guided us through different poses and I felt at ease. As I looked around to others for guidance at how to go about drawing certain areas of the body, I carefully attempted to emulate Fleur's smooth lines demonstrated during her warm up. In looking around the room, however, the words, 'cauliflower,' 'rocket ship,' and a wincing 'pointy dagger' came to mind in our own creations. 

Fleur did a great job in mixing in a bit of comedy throughout the entire event easing everyone's nerves. I will admit. I didn't know what to expect in attending a live model event- a nude one at that. My initial reaction was embarrassment, mostly within my own self, but the poses went by so fast I really have no time to stare awkwardly. Before long we were laughing at each other's creations and prizes were passed out throughout the night as we collectively voted for the best drawings. 

Overall the event was such a memorable and positive experience that we had to throw our own party! The Artful Bachelorette had succeeded in creating a tasteful method in blending creativity and comedy. We were beyond surprised in how much fun we had. What was disguised as art was actually more about girlfriends joining together for a good laugh and a great time. 

And if you had any doubt,  that is how you through a memorable party!

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Photography by: Sarah Doliver

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